If you would like to help the Cook Family financially please note we are "Not" a nonprofit business. We are a simple family needing to pay extra medical bills to meet the needs of loved ones with special challenges. Thank you for your love and compassion. 


Documentary By Roselee Archer - Bobby's World (Past Surgery):
(1/4) https://youtu.be/QlurDKKVNy0
(2/4) https://youtu.be/9tMLC23R5NI
(3/4) https://youtu.be/4V4gmC1K_ec
(4/4) https://youtu.be/C6wR51mi7Tg


Family Videos
Are You Blessed: https://youtu.be/yLpZwBrFKiQ
Cook Family: https://youtu.be/5q5uMNg9OPQ
The Cook Family (Revised): https://youtu.be/5q5uMNg9OPQ
Bobby's First Speaking: https://youtu.be/adyUWEKdqZ8
Advocating For Services: https://youtu.be/DzD8r9lwamU