Special Needs Blog

Hi, my name is Eldalee G. Cook. I am Bobby’s Mom. Robert W. Cook” Bobby” passed away Sep. 30, 2019. My goal for Bobby’s World is to provide information to caregiver or new parents going through a journey that we went through.

We hope that your journey is made easier through our pain and knowledge. Are you a new parent for a child with disabilities? Do you have an elderly that needs help? or a loved one who you care for on a daily basis? Well our goal is to provide resources private and government that we pray may help.

If you have a specific question feel free to email me at


We are not a non-profit we are a family who knows the trails and only wants to help give you ideas when needed. Something I wish I had when we started with our son.


To start with our number one Resource :

The Family Cafe  - www.FamilyCafe.net 



Home Schools Materials

National Association of Children Development - www.nacd.org



If you would like to help the Cook Family financially please note we are "Not" a nonprofit business. We are a simple family needing to pay extra medical bills to meet the needs of loved ones with special challenges. Thank you for your love and compassion.