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New Parents

Hello, I'm Eldalee G. Cook, Bobby’s mom. Our beloved Bobby, also known as "Robert W. Cook," passed away on September 30, 2019.

In his memory, Bobby’s World, is dedicated to continuing the vision of the family to help other families going through the same journeys.

Bobby and our family provide valuable information to those who have loved ones with special needs, ensuring they don't face the same struggles.


Our journey began in 1997 when we met Lori Fahey, another mom who shared our vision. She founded The Family Café, a priceless resource for families dealing with special needs. The Family Cafe is highly recommended.

As a mother, I searched for educational programs to support our children. Public schools didn't meet their needs, so we transitioned to the "Waiver Program." Our homeschooling journey, combined with part-time attendance at private schools using the NACD (National Association of Children Development) program, allowed our children to thrive.

For more information, visit The Family Café:

And explore the NACD:

May our experiences and knowledge make your journey easier. 🌟

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