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Hi, my name is Eldalee G. Cook. I'm Bobby’s mom. 

Bobby was also known as "Robert W. Cook”. He passed away on Sep. 30, 2019.

My goal for Bobby’s World is to continue our son’s memory, by continuing what he wanted for other. He wanted others to have valuable information for those who had loved ones with special need. He didn't want others to struggle like we did going through the hard challenges we had to face as a family.


We hope that your journey is made easier through our pain and knowledge.

Our journey began when meeting Lori Fahey Our in 1997.

When we spoke Mom-to-Mom.

This  Mom had a vision to help our kids and "The family Cafe" was born.

I personally highly recommended this resource.



The Family Café - 

The Family Café Is a priceless plate of resources. They are Highly recommended.    

 As a mom I searched for educational programs to help our children.


Due to our circumstances and challenges. Public schools were not meeting our children's needs. We removed them from the public schools and entered the "Waiver Program".

They began a journey in homeschool and attended part time private schools using a program called NACD.

National Association of Children Development -



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