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      Who is Eldalee G. Cook, and what inspired them to create this site?


  • Eldalee G. Cook, also known as Mom, is the founder of the Bobby’s World website, which has been running since 2002. The website serves as a platform where she shares her family’s struggles, miracles, and valuable life lessons. Eldalee’s inspiration for creating this site stems from their own profound experiences—trials that have broken them, shaped them, and molded them into resilient individuals. Here is a glimpse into their remarkable journey.

  • Meet the Family: Eldalee’s husband, Theodore P. Cook (Ted). Their daughters Jo Ann Cook, Cheire Ann Cook and their son, Robert W. Cook (Bobby), who had cerebral palsy and was wheelchair-bound, passed away September 30, 2019. He faced medical challenges. He nearly died over twenty times in his lifetime and underwent multiple surgeries.

  • Family Struggles:​

The family has met financial, mental, spiritual, and physical hardships that have tested their limits.

  • Lessons and Miracles: Despite the pain, Eldalee focuses not only on sharing their struggles but also on the lessons gained from adversity. She believes in a good God who has guided them through their darkest moments. Through fasting, prayer, and wisdom, they have seen miraculous transformations—pieces of their lives reassembled. Teaching Resilience Eldalee and her husband have prepared their children to stand for their beliefs. They emphasize love, compassion, and giving even to those who seem broken.Their family motto: Quitting is not an option; they continue to face challenges head-on.

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