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The Cook Family

  Welcome to our Family website, where the struggles are real. We are a family with a mission to survive. We have gone through so many battles of life and death that the materials of this world have ceased to matter. Our son has nearly died over twenty times and has had several surgeries. My husband has had four heart attacks and has several stents in his heart and he was born in 1969. Things you cant imagine have left scars and trauma in our lives and we still struggle from day to day to heal but we also stand to continue to face these challenges.  Quitting is not an option. However, I am not here to focus and only share our pain but to focus on the lessons gained. 

Hi, I am Eldalee G. Cook (Mom) and founder of website since 2002. Throughout the website, you will learn about our struggles and miracles. Yes, I said miracles. This website was not only to share our pain but to show you that we have a good God. We have gone through hell and back financially, mentally, spiritually and physically, because our experiences have broken us, shaped us and molded us into who we are today. God took the pieces and put them back together due to much fasting prayer,  lesson learned and wisdom was gained.  

  We have taught and prepared our children to stand for what they believe. We have also taught them to love, live and to give even the worst people a chance because even the worst need love and in reality are broken. However, we have also taught them to know to be wise and know when to step back and walk away. 

 Please meet my family, 1st my husband Theodore P. Cook (Ted), 2nd My 27-year-old Robert W. Cook (Bobby) he has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair-bound. 3rd  My oldest daughter  26 years-old Jo Ann Cook joined the Navy, and 4th my youngest daughter  Cheire Ann Cook  24 years old, the baby of the family, who now works for the state. Oh, and let's not forget the foundation of our family, Our beloved  Heavenly Father/ Lord Jesus Christ / Holy Spirit who truly are our Heroes.

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