Hi! I'm Robert W. Cook      also known as "Bobby"

I pray our family website helps you on your Journey. God Bless.

This Website will stay up in Our Son's


Robert W. Cook

Feb 1991- Sep 2019


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Pastor Grant said it perfectly. We thank God for our Past and present support. May God Bless you all 1000 fold who blessed us with your presence and love throughout the years of these trials.  Deut 1:11

 Dr. Raymond Woo an Orthopedic Surgeon performed one Surgery at "Shands Hospital"

in Gains Florida in Aug 2007 (Learn More)

A prayer warrior never gives up even when it hurts. However, they do know when to humbly release and surrender battles which belong to God.  Obedience and humbleness is also our job. So take life one second at a time and choose your battles wisely.

If you would like to help the Cook Family financially please note we are "Not" a nonprofit business. We are a simple family needing to pay extra medical bills to meet the needs of loved ones with special challenges. Thank you for your love and compassion.