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Our World Is Different

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Growing with the Cook Family

Many do not understand what a family who has a member with special needs must endure. Especially when it starts at birth. Whether it be physical or mental the challenge is overwhelming. We as and family must adapt to the physically, mentally, spiritually and financially challenges we face. It is not easy and walk away is not an option. In the back of our minds, we wonder what the future holds for our loved one holds, when we are gone. Especially, when our loved one, is fully dependent on another human beings to help them survive.  

Mentally for us as a family it took big toll on our hearts. We as the family face the struggles with these thoughts and realities and live with the challenges daily.

 Robert W. Cook (Bobby) our son has endured multiple surgeries and has had over 20 near death incidents due to medical conditions. He also had to go through therapies needing medical equipment and daily supplies. They are things a regular family will never face that regular families do not face. But through it all, we have been humbled and have grown in more ways than one. I do not regret one tear shed through my life journey with our life no matter the heart ache we grew up and gained the greatest lessons of love.

Here are some pictures being shared of our world.

We were given a break by NASA after Bobb

Dr. Luis A Bauzo, MD

Our Pediatritian since 1992 -2004

Dr. Michael Tidwell was our orthopedic surgeon since 1992 -2014

After  Bobby's spinal surgery we were blessed with a trip to NASA Kennedy Space Center  in Orlando Florida

When we went to Orlando; we where sent b

Bobby is a make a wish kid who survived. After 20 events of near-death episodes, due to a medical condition.

Dr. Bauzo was our children's pediatrician from April 1992 until 2004, Dr. Tidwell was our sons Orthopedic / Surgeon from 1992 to 2014. We miss them so much. We cannot find doctors who cared about our kids like they did . Our doctors were super special to us. 

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