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Our Therapist and Therapies

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Today families still struggle to get equipment and therapies. Robert  W. Cook "Bobby " Is now 27 years old. We as parents are still having to fight for Occupational Therapy and Physical therapy.  This page updated 8/12/2018 
Bobby passed away Sept. 30, 2019.

The website will stay up in his memory.

This page was updated 12/19/ 2020

This is Bobby standing next to his Daddy

Dr. Tidwell removed partial surgical steal now seen on the picture below. He also restored the hip socket giving him a chance to be able to stand.

When he left surgery this was the result

Bobby endured serious therapies to help him rebuild his muscles.  He still requires therapies we have to continue to fight for.

For a short period received therapy at TMH. We have been with North Florida Therapies since 2018

This is BObby going through a Pragram th

Our "Wish List"for Our Son Robert W. Cook

The Quadriciser is on our "Wish List" for Bobby to help his legs get stronger to help the caregivers help him to stand and transfer.

We desperately need to get a quadicricis
We desperately need to get a quadicricis
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