Our Educational


Our adult Children have experienced the following:

Robert W. Cook ( Bobby) began in ARC Pre-School in Homestead Florida. The girls started in Gulfstream Elementry Public School k-3. Due to some issue in the public schools, we left the public schools and entered  Private Schools with the blessing of the Florida School Waivers which gave us a choice.

In October of 2003, we moved from Cutler Ridge now called Cutler Bay to Quincy Florida.

We continued Private Schools, Homeschool together with  Florida Virtual School 6-12.

Due to surgeries, we had to travel. Miami Children's Hospital and Shands Hospital were out of our areas so due to the long travels and surgeries we had to adapt and so did our girls. Had we not been given the option of private schools with the blessings of the waivers our children would not have had a proper education.


The programs below were our educational resources and are highly recommended.

Ms. Vicki Phillip

Champion Preparatory Academy

Champion Preparatory Academy is a member of the Florida Parent Educator’s Association (FPEA) and the National Private Schools Accreditation Group.    (https://www.championprep.org

Where it all changed Bobby began to lear

Robert Doman NACD

NACD believes in the unlimited potential of every child and the power of daily intervention provided by those who know the child best and who really care—the family.

http://www.nacd.org/ )

FLVS is an online school dedicated to personalized learning​​

Florida Virtual School  from 6 - 12 

( https://flvs.net/ )

Robert (Bobby) lives at home. Jo is now in the Navy serving our country and Cheire works for the State of Florida and is an artist who has an AA and a Graphic Design Degree.