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A Bundle of Joy Arrives


Hi, I am Eldalee G. Cook, mom and advocate for my kids who are now adults.  I have four bundles of joys one being my hubby Theodore P. Cook “Ted” and the three are my adult Children. Bobby, and my two daughters Jo, and Cheire.

Robert W. Cook “Bobby “passed away Sept 30, 2019 he was 28 years old. However, his memory lives on through this web site.

This web site was created to help you get help for your future Journey with your bundle of joy. Because this journey will not only affect your special needs loved one it will affect everyone you let into your world. 

Bobby had cerebral palsy he was fully dependent from the day he was born. I remember the day they told me he had cerebral palsy. I had so much faith that I was sure God was going to heal him quickly but that was not the case. I did not lose my faith if you were wondering, my faith just grew stronger through this journey.  He is now home with  our Heavenly Father, in heaven perfectly healed and I thank God for the time he gave me with our son. I do not regret one day of our life’s struggles even though the hardest time because I personally would not be who I am today. 

My kids in general changed who became as a person. Even though we do not see eye to eye they truly are my heroes. You see my children are the love of my life. I've learned that if I truly Loved them to surrender to God, because when hard time fell, I knew I was not strong enough to sustain the torment within my heart because I could change their pain, I depended on God even more and in doing so much wisdom and knowledge was received. Many mistakes were made but no one is perfect so pleased do not beat yourself up for mistakes.

Well, I said all that to say this, your bundle of joy is going to be a journey so get ready, especially if it they have special needs.

Ok, First evaluate why he has a disability. If you find out it is a disability at birth find out why because there is a 5-year statute of limitations for doctors who made mistakes, contact an attorney to get them help in newborn. For others start learning as much as you can about the disability or special challenge your loved one has to help start looking for the resources they will need because all special needs are not the same and with out research you will be lost.


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