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Dr Raymund Woo Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery


Dr. Woo performed Robert W. Cook Spinal Surgery in Shands Hospital which was documented by a beautiful woman name Roselee Archer from the Roselee Archer show on ION.


We met her in the Family Cafe


Our world has not been easy. Families like ours don't really have a choice as to what life will bring. Our lives are determined by the need of the loved one's special challenge. The siblings don't have a choice to stay in school when we all have to go out of town. The family member that works does not have a choice to not work and may lose their job due to the leave they may have to take. Decisions have to be made that affect the entire family. In this surgery, Dr. Woo performed the decision made was made to prolong our son's life. so when you see a family who has a family member with special needs please keep them/us in your prayers because honestly we do our best to stay afloat but life truly at times gets exhausting and we can use all the prayer we can get.

I pray the information heard in the videos may help you in some way because in the end if all our pain helped someone it makes it all well worth what we went through to help others.

Have an awesome and blessed day. 

Documentry by RoseLee Archer

In 2007 Dr. Raymund Woo performed the Robert W. Cook (Bobby) spinal Surgery

The Cook Family Story ( Bobby surgery 1of 4 )

The Cook Family Story ( Bobby surgery 2 of 4 )

Even though our son endured so much  pain to our surprise, our son says

" Mom I love my life" I could not contain my tears. If anyone learned something that day, I did. I as a Mom learned to love life no matter what. Come hell or high water if Jesus could take what he took, and my son can take what he took, who am I to complain about anything. 

The Cook Family Story ( Bobby surgery 3of 4 )

The Cook Family Story  ( Bobby surgery 4of 4 )

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